Democracy in 4D

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In order to survive democracies need to evolve into a structure that can respond to a truly connected world .  Most people living within democracies don not experience democracy as something that they “live in” but rather something that is “out there” that they “live with”.

PoliVOTE offers solutions to the challenge of making democracy something four-dimensional that people “live in”.  PoliVOTE argues that the four dimensions of democracy are:

  • Direct
  • Diverse
  • Deliberative
  • Dreamed

Direct:  In direct democracies, people are informed of the decisions to be made that will impact on them them and have a direct say on how a decision should be made.  They do not rely on an elected representative to guess what they want.

Diverse: In diverse democracies everyone is included in decision making despite their differences.   Diverse democracies aim to reduce disadvantage to particular groups of people and work to ensure that one person is not sacrificed for the many.

Deliberative: In deliberative democracies, decisions are made based on thoughtful consideration of the issues and implications of a decision.   Decisions are not made based on “sponsor” deals, media input or political party policies.

Dreamed:   A dreamed democracy is one which is focused on what people want, not what they do not want. In a dreamed democracy people are asked what they want in the future.  Dreamed democracies do not focus on the past.


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